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How to Make the Most of Your Personal Prophecy

A personal prophecy is an invitation from the Father to see ourselves as He sees us. When you receive a personal prophecy, here are 5 ways to make the most of it.

What Is Prophetic Teaching?

Prophetic preaching and teaching can be a powerful means of breakthrough. Learn about the characteristics of prophetic teaching and how it can benefit those who receive from it. (PDF format)

Prophetic Activation In Small Groups.

Learn about the benefits of activating prophecy in small groups, as well as how to overcome potential problems through healthy guidelines and leadership. This article also includes practical ideas for prophetic activation and exercises to help group members hear from God for themselves and each other. (PDF format)

6 Things That Can Cause Division in Church Leadership Teams

Trials_in_the_ChurchGrowth and change inevitably go hand in hand. However, when transition is taking place in church or ministry life, unique challenges and pressures occur in a leadership team. During these times, it is vital to guard against division.

Here are 6 things that can damage the unity of a church leadership team during times of transition or fast-paced change.
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Free e-Books


Prophetic Art: Art That Reflects the Heart of God

This free eBook on the topic of Prophetic Art is a compilation of 4 articles from Enliven Blog, by Helen Calder with the input of prophetic artist, Jennifer Koch. Learn about what prophetic art is, discover prophetic art in the Bible, and gain insights and practical steps to help you on your own journey to becoming a prophetic artist. (PDF format)

Paradigm Shifts That Will Rock Your World

Do you want keys to help you live a supernatural Christian life? This inspiring e-Book comprised of articles from Enliven Blog will show you how to revitalise your faith, set your testimony on fire again, be filled with the Spirit and more. (PDF Format)

Other Resources

Discover The DNA and Mission Of Your Church

Your Church is uniquely designed and is God’s gift to your community and beyond. This comprehensive, 10 page questionnaire will help you to brainstorm the unique DNA of your church, including gifts, strengths, culture, vision and calling and begin to apply what you discover to the local and overseas mission of your church. (PDF format)


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