Malcolm Calder — a.k.a. ‘The Hunk’ — not only for being such a loving and fun guy to be married to for 34 years—but also for constantly encouraging me in the gifts, calling and ministry that we have individually and together. I love doing life with you.

I am grateful to Ray and Junette Keefe for your support and encouragement when I began this blog back in 2009. Enliven Blog wouldn’t exist without you!

To Arthur and Dani Cherrie at The Winepress Church, and my friends in the Winepress prayer community who gave me opportunities, encouragement and room to grow during our first 12 years in Australia.

Special mention must go to Pastors James and Viv Anson for your significant input and encouragement during our journey.

Words cannot express my gratitude to our Father for planting us in Planetshakers City Church with Pastors Russell and Sam Evans and for the constant inspiration I am receiving from you and the Planetshakers team.

Finally, to David and Margaret McCracken, Steve, Clayton, Chris, Kamal and all the family of David McCracken Ministries. It’s a thrill and incredible honour to be serving Jesus and empowering the church alongside you.

4 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. John Kennedy

    If it is possible would i be able to get in touch with Helen Calder regarding Discernment, Its important

  2. Sharon

    Two years ago, my gift of spiritual discernment came to fruition in my life. I have been a Christian my entire life and experienced on many occasions the presence of demonic spirits in both the natural and spiritual realm. I have always had the gift of discernment, but didn’t understand it very well. The spiritual journey I encountered for almost three months was surreal. I experienced the supernatural power of God to delivery me through the ordeal. God placed a huge protective energy shield around my body to protect me. It felt like my body had been electrified. My senses were extremely acute especially hearing. Angels put a protective shield around my house against the spirits trying to attack me. I felt like I had been struck by lightning. The hardest part of the journey was not having anyone to talk to about what I was experiencing. The large church I belonged to would not refer anybody to assist me without paying an expensive counseling fee. It appeared the church pastor was scared of my spiritual discernment gift, when I explained some things that had occurred through my ordeal. I am so glad that the Holy Spirit guided me to your website tonight. Even though it has been two years, I know understand better how to use my gift of spiritual discernment to serve others and grow God’s Kingdom. Thank you, Sharon

    1. Helen Calder Post author

      Hi Sharon,
      Thank you for visiting here and sharing your story. Sometimes when the Holy Spirit is birthing new seasons and awakening gifts and abilities in our lives there can be a time when it is very intense. I can sure understand that. It sounds as though God’s grace has brought you through to a new awareness and understanding. Thanks for being in touch!

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