8 Signs You May Have a Gift of Prophecy

How do you know if you have a gift of prophecy? It is common for people who are in the early stages of developing a prophetic gift to experience uncertainty and questions. If you can relate to this, these signs will encourage you to keep moving forward and develop your gift of prophecy:

8 Signs You May Have a Prophetic Gift

1. You Desire a Close Relationship with God

Prophetic insights are sourced in an intimate relationship with God—His Presence is where you hear His voice and receive revelation from Him.

So one sign you have a prophetic gift is that you are not satisfied with a shallow relationship—you want to be close to Him.

That is because God has called you to be one who hears the whispers of what is on His heart—to learn what His intention is and pass it on to others. (John 13:23-25)

2. You Want to Learn About Prophecy

‘Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy.’ (1 Cor 14:1).

A hunger or longing for a gift can be from the Holy Spirit, as He is drawing you towards God’s purpose for your life.

This is the hidden stage of a gift—where very few people, except those who are close enough to know the desires of your heart, are aware that you have the ability. But God knows—He has placed that desire within you because He is drawing you towards your destiny. ‘Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart’ (Psalm 37:4)

3. You Tend to Pray Prophetically

A gift of prophecy often shows up in prayer before it manifests in other ways.

  • You find yourself praying something spontaneously that you hadn’t thought of—and you realise the Holy Spirit has led you
  • You are praying for another person or situation—and you get feedback that what you prayed for was exactly what was needed
  • You discover God has given you knowledge in prayer that you could not know by natural means

Prophetic prayer is powerful—because you are praying according to God’s purposes. As 1 John 5:14-15 says, ‘This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us—whatever we ask—we know that we have what we asked of him.’

4. You Have Had Confirmation that you Accurately Hear from God

A sign that you have a gift of prophecy is that you build up a track record of hearing from God accurately. For example:

  • People you have prayed for, or shared prophetic encouragement with, have given you feedback that your prophetic insight was spot on
  • You have found yourself thinking about a Scripture or message—and then your Pastor or another person shared the same one
  • You have journaled something you believe God is saying—and it has come to pass

Very often these kinds of confirmations are private—this is the Holy Spirit giving you are nudge to explore your prophetic gift further.

5. People Have Been Helped by Prophetic Insights You have Shared

Accuracy alone is not a sign you have a gift—in the Bible, a spiritual gift must be exercised in love and bear good fruit that honours God (1 Cor 13, 14).

The Apostle Paul said, ‘the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort… the one who prophesies edifies the church.’ (1 Cor 14:3, 4b)

So important questions to ask are:

  • ‘Have people been helped, encouraged, strengthened and comforted by the prophetic insights I have shared?
  • ‘Has the church been built up?’

The sign of a prophetic gift is that people are helped and drawn closer to God by what you have heard from God and shared.

6. You Find Yourself in Circumstances Where a Word from God is Needed

One sign of a prophetic gift is that God engineers circumstances to gently push you into needing to hear from Him. You find yourself in a place where you need to respond and act on what you hear. For example:

  • Someone you are praying with needs a word of encouragement from God, or
  • You have some personal circumstances where prophetic guidance is necessary

7. You Have Prophetic Values

Here are some core values that those who have a gift of prophecy tend to have in common:

  • A love for God’s Presence
  • A high value on hearing God’s voice and the prophetic gift and ministry
  • A passion about God’s prophetic promises
  • A love for holiness and justice and the righteous standard of God’s Word

You may wonder why other people don’t see things the same way as you do—but the reason is, God has placed prophetic values in your DNA. It’s how He has designed you.

8. You Have Been Through a Trial in Relation to Your Gift of Prophecy

A pattern we see in Scripture is that someone who has a ministry calling goes through a trial, or a failure, or what we might call a ‘wilderness experience’ in relation to their gifts. So if you have had difficulties, or you have felt shut down in the area of prophecy, be encouraged. This may well be a sign you are gifted and called in prophecy.

God has an end in mind. Don’t let the enemy hook you to a past experience through hurt or disappointment. Remember Proverbs 4:23 says, ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.’

Do whatever it takes, forgive others and yourself; keep your heart free to move on, pick up your prophetic gift once more, because God is coming through for you.

Can you identify some signs that you have a prophetic gift? Leave a message in the comments section to let us know which ones you relate to. If the comments box is not visible, click on this link and scroll down.

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165 thoughts on “8 Signs You May Have a Gift of Prophecy

  1. I spontaneously pray for something i have not taught of especially in the course of praying
    somtimes too i don’t know if it is a word or a feeling that i get to pray for someone in the course of praying just within twinkle of an eye
    sometimes too i see snap flashes of light under my feet with chains lock on my feet whiles i am praying but i don’t get the meaning
    God bless you for allowing yourself to be a blessing to me. I am just a babe in the prophetic ministry, I know nothing and i am on my own because i am not sure of how been called as prophet seems to be like but through your encouraging mesaage i believe i will stay strong for the Lord

  2. Hi
    I would lile to know when you dream everyday and all of the dreams happened in front of you especially about warning people or a church

    • As Christians, we have accepted Christ and so he lives in us and works through us. When I begin praying for specific people or situations out of no where, this can be your spirit/God leading you toward what to pray for or as caring individuals we will automatically start praying for certain people or situations because it just needs prayer. ? as for a vision. If it’s a flash of light, it could mean whatever you are praying or thinking about for at that specific time the flash is bringing light to it. Chains symbolize being held, sort of blocked or no movement. Research spiritual warfare. Make sure the source is good. Speak to your pastor. You want to be certain you pray according to Gods will when spirituality binding and loosening/ breaking chains. I hope this helps!

  3. Hello, Thank you for your ministry,I have many questions but I will ask only a few.
    Please advise:
    I hear The LORD voice tell me to do things: call Kim. I have never had an extended conversation with Kim. I called Kim and she was drinking coffee that I gave her for a gift when her and her husband moved to start a new church,in a cup that I gave her, writing thank you notes for the gift I gave her as well as gift that the other church members gave her also. As well, when The LORD told me to call her, I had to tell my husband what the LORD said and her had to take over the chore of making the morning coffee and it was the same flavor that I gave Kim.

    I felt strongly lead to a book store, I had no intention of going to.
    After being there for about 10 minutes The LORD insisted that I go and speak to a Man I have never seen before. I attempted to ask The LORD why,I don’t know the man. I walked to him and told him ‘The LORD told me to speak to you,but I don’t know why.’
    Then the words flowed from my mouth ‘ do you know anyone who would be interested in teaching male responsibility classes to teen boy’s.
    Tears came into the strangers eyes and he stated he had been asking The LORD to lead him to a place where he could mentor teen boys so they would not end up in a prison like the one that he currently worked for. He began within the next few weeks volunteering at the youth center that I taught teen girl’s classes.
    There are many more conversation similar to these where The LORD spoke to me with a clear winner voice or gave me the untion to go some place or to do something .

    I am looking for someone to help me understand this gift.

    Please advise.


  4. I almost always am able to uncover deeper issues, feelings and thoughts of people I am speaking with when I specifically pull them aside to talk about what’s going on in their life. I almost always relate with what they’re experiencing because I’ve been in that situation. I find that I can almost always relate to every situation too because I’ve gone through so many trials in my life. I always felt like something else bad is going to happen to me it always does. Then I realized or it was revealed to me that every “bad thing” i went through was a another type of situation i can now relate with and help so many people in so many different issues/trials with love, compassion and experience. When I was a child my pastor asked people to come forward to be prayed over if they would like a gift of the spirit. I went up and said I would like them all… she smiled and said your life will be very challenging and difficult and am I sure… yes, I’m sure I replied. Since then until now I have been through so much pain, addictions, isolation, loss, separation, deceit/deceiving, lust, stealing, marriage, divorce, death, anger issues, physical pain, financial blessed times and struggles, I could go on and on really. How can I grasp a hold of who God has made me to be fully? I’m aware now of the answer. ? discipline…. is there any other advice you can give? Thank you and God Bless!

  5. i had a dream two weeks ago seeing myself in the midst of friend , my brother , one of my lecturer and my boss. They said to me ‘ why will you be a prophet’? and individual started giving instances of people they knew who had issues being a prophet. After a while i stood up and said ‘ i have been pursuing 4 things in my life and God has been helping me , for this reason i know God will help me as well’ i woke up …….pls kindly help me out on what to know and to do ….

  6. Hi yes i came apon many points that i went through as a christian and all that make me to cry because sometime when i say i want to be seriouse about God i always got discouragement sometime they say i pray like people of old testament.Please continue to build me through writting i want to hear God in all matter.Sometime ago i tlod my father that he is going to damage his car and he took me for granded and after he did he start hating me.

  7. if you have the prophetic gifts and calling you would find your self caught in the spirit things things you have not thought of being revealed to you. Some times messages/things you have not thought of .

  8. Thank you for sharing. I believe that I identify with all the eight signs. I am looking forward to what GOD has for me. Thanks for being a blessing to GOD’s people for his Glory.

  9. Good Morning mama my name is anointed Micheal, Nigeria ma pls i want to say something about my self, ma sometimes i do talk to people and it comes to pass and make i might say something to someone he or she would confirm it, but make i want to understand the holy spirit voice i want to grow up in my prophetic utterances want to be confidence that any thing i say is form the holy spirit. mama pls help me and teach me am willing to learn.

  10. Hi I’m Vivian. I also need help and guidance. When I sleep I dream and it comes to pass exactly the same way I dreamt. Some of the dreams it comes like warning and I know that if I don’t pray or cancel it if its the bad dream it will happen and that hurts me. I’m now having dreams about my colleagues and I feel like I should tell them but I don’t because some of them they are my seniors, I don’t even know where to start because some of the things they are sensitive I just feel like I should keep it to myself and pray about it but still every time when I see those people it’s like a reminder to what I saw in the dream. Please help me and another thing, when Im sleeping there’s this voice that comes and tell me what will happen but I don’t know this person who is telling me these things and I don’t see him , this voice comes to me as clear orders.

  11. I have prophetic dreams and have had at least three eyes-open visions. I regularly see a white light around the heads of those I’m fellowshipping with. I have seen the light be faint and stationary as well as vibrant and pulsing. At our home bible study group, the Lord has given me 3 or 4 prophetic utterances in the last month. Although I have been walking with the Lord for almost 40 years, these things are increasing in intensity. Others have told me God wants to use me as a prophetess and that this gift will grow. What can I do to nurture this?

  12. you mention the gift is for encouragement, comfort and building up. what about warnings ? Paul was heading back to Jerusalem and many times and groups were warning what was awaiting him. Agubus and others . Also the call of repentance to the churches as found in Revelation. this could be tricky because i have witnessed it done badly .What do you think? blessing . andre

  13. Hello,

    Thank you very much for the teaching on signs of a prophet. It is a great information to me. I’m acquainted with most of the points. I really need clarity on this matter. I sometimes find myself secluded and have an urge to pray. The prayer will take long and if I didn’t pray at that moment, the time I reach my private space, it becomes so heavy that I can’t bear it. I will start by praying in tongues, groaning and end up feeling pain (which will last when I finish praying) on the top of my stomach. The pain is inside the stomach. Thereafter, I will keep quiet and my physical senses will shut off. I can still hear people talking but won’t be able to respond. In that moment, I will be given some scriptures or instructions to do. Sometimes I found myself in another places, talking to people. Praying for them and the list go on and on…. Please help

  14. I was asked by a man to work on 5 books that he had written so I met him at a star bucks. As we had our conversation he began loudly talking about the judgment of God and everyone around us was getting offended. I didn’t want the crowd to be left with the impression that God was angry and expecting people to perform for a religious spirit or be cut off so I responded to his argument with the blood of Jesus and the love of God responses. It went on for 3 hours. By the time we were finished he told me that most people don’t last 10 minutes and it was his job as a “seasoned prophet” to test people who not only have a prophetic gift, but are true prophets… I met him again to take a look at his manuscripts and he unleashed so much anger towards me, insulted me from head to toe. I asked him if he was attacking me out of his wounds of rejection because I know all about being wounded, rejected, abandoned, exiled, persecuted, etc. He said, it was a possibility that his wounds were making him bitter, yet he just wouldn’t stop the insults so I pulled my car over in a shopping center parking lot no further from his home than what he normally handles, I opened my trunk, got his walker out and made him get out of my car and I left.. He’s had 7 heart attacks, a partial amputation of his left foot, etc. 5 bottles of prescription meds. I tried to remain in love and understanding but I didn’t. Your thoughts? lol (I don’t find it funny, just outrageous) Could this be a sign that I’m a Prophet? When I read these words it makes me laugh but I am not being anything other than straight forward honest. This did happen and I am concerned for him and other people that he could be doing this to and in front of many who are not saved. As far as myself, I feel like there is something very important about myself that I am missing, a block, please pray for me that crystal clear clarity of what God needs me to do. I have such outrageous thoughts I’m unsure if its God, or I’m being tricked. God bless you and your ministry of Love.

  15. I am really amazed on how clear are the 8 Signs I May Have a Gift of Prophecy. more that 90% happens to me. I have searched on google looking for someone to mentor me on prophecy. Things changed a lot since God told me to fast for 21 days. the first time He told me, i couldn’t do it because i was still working for the state. He repeated the order next year and i asked for holidays to do it.
    I have been praying for the Lord to help me develop this gift. Once God told me ” you are just preaching on the pulpit and do not listen to me. i have things to do in the service” Many times i had to interrupt or shift from one paradigm to another in the service, but it seems that doubt and fear influence me so much. I am an Assemblies of God pastor serving God in Mozambique. of course i am a Mozambican. please i need your help.

  16. Hello my sister. I wish all the best to you.
    I am Américo and live in Mozambique, my country. I have accessed your blog looking for someone who can mentor me in prophecy. I know God blessed me with this gift by I need to mature in it. sometimes I fear to fail. I have been praying to the Lord so that I can be accurate, but I know that to have a mentor is also biblical.
    In two consecutive years God clearly told me to fast for 21 days, without eating, just drinking water. the first year I did not do it, because of my work. in the second year when the command came again, I asked for holidays just to do it. ever since I came back from the place where I had gone, I begun to see a new dimension in prophecy. Please will you mentor me?

  17. 1.have a deep hunger for God which overwhelms
    2.when i speak to people given a word and is cofirmed
    3,have become a support sytem
    4, dreams confirmed for people
    5, when purpose was revealed i was viciously attacked bodily.
    6.frequently pray for people i hadnot even thought of