How To Activate Your Prophetic Gift

I am sometimes asked by people who have attended my prophetic training sessions, “How do I get started in activating my gift of prophecy?” In other words, ‘Where do I go from here?’

If this is something you have wondered, here are some suggestions to help you get started:

How to Activate Your Prophetic Gift

1. Make a Decision

It has been said that the journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step. That vital step is preceded by a decision to move forward.

Activating your gift of prophecy starts when you acknowledge before God that you are willing to move ahead in this area, and choose to take your first steps forward.

You do not need to know for certain that you have a gift of prophecy—in the early stages you may be unsure. [1]

This is about being a good steward of:

You may also have had affirmation by church leaders that you have a God-given prophetic ability.

2. Be involved in a Church Community

The New Testament context for activating the gift of prophecy is a local church where there is leadership and accountability. (1 Cor 12-14)

3. Talk to a Pastor or an appropriate Leader within the Church

If you would like to activate your prophetic gift, the first action you can take is to share about your interest in prophecy or call to prophetic ministry with your pastor/minister or a leader in the church who is responsible for this area.

It is important to make your desire to grow in the gift known, in order that you can follow the next steps:

4. Find Someone to be Accountable to

Find a leader or mentor to whom you can be personally accountable with regard to activating your prophetic gift.

This person should be:

  • Someone your church oversight is comfortable with
  • A person who will able to help you weigh up the prophetic insights and will not hold back when you need to be redirected.

5. Begin in your Personal Devotional Life

The first place you can start to activate your prophetic gift is in your devotional life, learning to receive insights from the Holy Spirit.

The best way to begin is by studying the Bible and listening to what God is saying through the scriptures.

Record any insights that you receive from the Holy Spirit—one way that you can do this by journaling. [2]

A leader can help you weigh up these insights and confirm that you are hearing from God. This is especially important if you are considering taking action from the revelation that you are receiving, or using it to pray.

6. Develop a Lifestyle of Encouragement

Prophetic ministry requires us to see others and ourselves as the Father sees us.

Nurture the Father’s perspective about others. He is a God of grace and love who desires to redeem people and situations so that His purpose is fulfilled.

Develop a lifestyle of encouragement—this will spill over into your prophetic ministry. (1 Cor 14:3)

7. Tune in to the Holy Spirit

Develop an intimate relationship with God and be open to receiving insights from the Holy Spirit throughout your day.

Learn about the different ways He can speak to you, including through scripture, pictures, thoughts and impressions, dreams, prompts, inner urges and Divine appointments.

8. Ask about Protocols in your Church

Find out the protocols and guidelines for passing on prophetic insights in your church—and follow them.

Be open to these being adjusted by leaders as prophetic ministry develops in your church.

9. Begin Simply

The best way to begin activating your prophetic gift is to start in a very simple way. This may be through words of encouragement, or exhortation, or sharing scriptures that God puts on your heart.

Be natural in the manner you share an insight that you believe is from God.

If you are starting out, it is best not to call your words a ‘prophecy’—in fact you do not always need to state that you have heard from God.

Allow the fruit of your insights to be the evidence that you are hearing from God.

As people are impacted and encouraged, your emerging gift of prophecy will be acknowledged.

10. Find an Appropriate Environment to Practice

Some areas in church life where a prophetic gift can be activated include:

  • Prayer meetings
  • Small (home group) meetings
  • Ministry areas such as worship, evangelism and so on
  • Prayer departments and altar call ministry

Find out the appropriate protocols and guidelines for each area. Then—step out of the boat and have a go.

11. Stay in the place of Learning

Ongoing learning about the prophetic gift will encourage you to continue activating your gift of prophecy. [3]


[1] Even if you do not have a specific gift, every Christian benefits by learning how to hear from God and receive insights from the Holy Spirit. You may explore this area and find out that prophetic ministry is not for you—that is OK.

[2] Following are some articles on journaling:

[3] Enliven Blog is an online resource of David McCracken Ministries containing many articles to help Christians grow in the gift of prophecy.

‘Grow your Prophetic and Prayer Gifts’ is an e-book about the stages of growth in gifts of prophecy and prayer, and contains many practical tips to help you.

‘Prophetic People In A Changing Church’ will be especially helpful if you struggle or have been hurt in church life.

View the Enliven Blog e-books page here.

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38 thoughts on “How To Activate Your Prophetic Gift

  1. Hi Helen.
    Great post again. Loved it!
    I see you mentioned the “SOAP” journaling technique in your notes. I discovered this technique at college this year and let me say, it’s a game changer. The words that I’ve been getting from God are incredible.
    I highly recommend this journaling technique to every one.
    God bless,

    • Hi Tim,
      Great stuff! Isn’t it wonderful when the Word of God comes alive like that, and SOAP journaling is a great tool. You are in a new season and receiving fresh revelation is a part of that.

  2. Good Evening Sister,

    Thank you for the articles, it helped me a lot.
    A prophet Prohecised on me that i had Gift of Prophecy, but i don’t know how to start and give prophecy, even i was very interested to have that gift of prophecy.
    Kindly tell me how to start in prayer, how do i get it about 1 particular person to give prophecy Ex: A unknown guy in church.

    Thank you
    Kiran Nath from INDIA

  3. Hi Kiran, thanks for leaving a note.
    If you are just starting out, I encourage you to explore the topics of receiving a revelation from God and hearing God’s voice.
    Here is an article that may help get you started:

    Check out the prophetic training category at the right hand side of the blog for many more articles to help you grow in this area.

    If you want to grow in the area of personal prophecy, it may be best to check what you are receiving with a leader in the church as you are starting out.

  4. You shall decree a thing and shall be established.Is it thesamethng as prohesy to somebody’life? And if a prophet prophesy and it not come to pass at the stipulated time but happen in year s later,Can we say the prophesy come to pass?

    • Hi there Abiloa, thanks for leaving a message.
      The verse you mention is from Job 22:28, and the context is one of being familiar with, and speaking, the Scriptures and having a right heart before God (see preceding verses). I think the meaning can include prophecy, but is also much broader than prophecy. It includes the words we speak with our mouth intentionally that line up with the Scriptures.
      Yes, sometimes a prophet can share a word and it happens years later… we can say the Word has come to pass.

  5. I sincerely appreciate you my dear sister Helen for been open to the Holy Spirit to bless the Body of Christ through you. Iam one of the beneficiary of your ministries. I don’t know if you will honour an invitation to visit my country Nigeria for our up coming Prophetic Conference were different denominations comes under one umbrella to receive from the Lord. We will delight to host you and will be expecting your reply God bless

    • Dear Prophet Ezekiel,
      It is an honour to receive your invitation to do prophetic training with you in Zimbabwe! However, our team is not planning on visiting Nigeria or Africa in the next few years.
      I would like to bless you and your ministry, so let me know if there are any ebooks that you would like to read personally, and I will send you them for free. They are available in two formats, ePub and PDF. Here is the information about eBooks.

      If you reply to this comment with the name of an eBook you would like to read, I will email you first to check that you can receive communication from me.
      May you be richly blessed in your ministry there in Nigeria, and empower others to grow in their prophetic gifts, as your heart desires.

  6. Dear Helen, I’ve enjoyed reading the information on the prophetic on this site. I was wondering what do you do when you have this gift and it’s been confirmed by other leaders but belong to a local church that doesn’t allow this gift to operate in their church. I’m experiencing non-receptive by the leader and backlash from them regarding members who have the gift as well. What I mean by backlash is make fun of in a joking way. I’ve spoken with my pastor of my local church when I first join to let him know and may get some direction in how to improve and get activated but no help was given.

    Any direction would be appreciate tremendously.

  7. I need prayer, I know I have prophetic gift, it was confirmed few years ago and just in the last two weeks by our pastor. I received dreams, visions, but just dont have the courage to pass it on. Sometimes I wonder if it is from the Lord. In the past when I passed on dreams that I had, it came to pass. What must I do?

  8. I have been called to the office of a prophetic. I have been reading book and hanging around prophetic people.

  9. my spiritual father is a prophet by calling, and i have been desiring so much for short a gift, i don’t know if i have it in me or not. i truly need short a gift, that is why i want to know how i should develop it. so please you need to help me.

  10. I may have a gift in prophesy. Before reading your blog, I never saw it as a gift, but a curse. Today, after talking to my pastor, he thought I should develop it. It has gotten to where I was getting further from God. I was told by a fellow church member that prophesy, if not positive, was just the devil playing with my mind. When we were talking today, he even said he just downloaded a book on developing this gift, 15 minutes before we talked. To be honest, I am afraid of the things I do see or feel. I have even lost friends because they say they are uncomfortable around me. Please, if you do have time, how can I hear more positive things from God?

  11. I have been having a strong desire to plant a church and I have been seeking the face of God about it.Can you through your prophetic office confirm to me whether God really wants me to plant a new church? And how do I know it myself? God bless you sir.Expecting your response soonest.

  12. Your eBook really helped me. I want to hear from God, but I don’t know to do that, sometimes when I get an insight from God, I just can’t let it out because I am scared it may be wrong or misjudged. What should I do?

  13. In first place I thank God to encounter you man and servants of God. I am blessed already by read the little that have read on frant.

  14. Helen, this is a powerful encouragement for people!! How amazing and wonderful the Prophetic Gift is in the life of the Church!!! I trust that many many people will read this and decide to…..Go for it!!!!
    Thanks so much!!!

  15. Thank you sir for the wonferful insight on how to activate my prophetic gift. I have seen it severally in my dreams praying for people get healed and preaching from one place to another. But i dont know how to go about it. Please teach me how to go about activating this gift that i may use it to fufill GODs purpose in my life. Hopinh to hear from you very soon. Thank you sir…Mark Amase from Nigeria west Africa.

  16. Thanks for this wonderful colum, I was born with a prophetic gift & God speaks to me mostly through dreams, he opens my eyes to show me what will happen in the future, sometimes he uses me to heal, bt I’ve not grown up to the extent I’m expected to have grown, I want to get connected to the holy spirit so I can hear directory not only through dreams, how do I get started? thanks.

  17. Hi! I am Tanki Daniel Hlalele @ Lesotho know that I have prophetic gift. Desire to ask God about a certain situatiön and expect the ans 4rm the spirit helps one to know whether the gift is real/ not. For every prophetic message need to be announced and known and expect the results.

  18. Thanks, this blog is of a very great help to me on the journey that I long to take. Keep up the good work the Lord has called you to do

  19. Accept Calvary greetings in the name of our Lord an Savior Jesus Christ!. I have been so bless by this aticle and I want to appreciate you for your efforts!. Hosea 4:6 says my people are destroy for lack of knowledge, an I bless God for this work!. Do you have a school that one can attain or books I can get to grow in prophetic!.
    Am from west Africa Cameroon!. You can get me on Whatsapp 00237695199040. God bless you!.