How You Can Have An Intimate Relationship With The Holy Spirit

You have to know someone intimately to be familiar with the desires of his or her heart.

And you have to be in close proximity to hear your friend express a quiet wish.

But it takes more than intimacy, and more than proximity, to move you to sacrifice your own priorities in favour of those of your friend.

Only love will move you to lay down your life.

Such was the love of three of David’s mighty men who were close enough to hear him say, “Oh, that someone would get me a drink of water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem!”

Unbidden, the three warriors broke through enemy lines at risk of their lives to fulfil David’s wish. (2 Samuel 23:13-17)

Intimacy With The Holy Spirit

Those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires. (Romans 8:5)

There is a lot of talk about the Holy Spirit in Christian circles today.

Many of us have a great longing to see the Holy Spirit move, or for His power to be released to bring healing, deliverance, signs and miracles.

Kathryn Kuhlman once said,

‘There are literally thousands and thousands in the great charismatic movement who have never become acquainted with the person of the Holy Spirit, only with His gifts.’ [1]

And sadly, that statement is as true today as it was then.

So the question I am asking of you and myself today in response to this statement is, ‘Are you one of the many—the ‘thousands and thousands’—or one of the few?’

Many times we talk about ‘using’ the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

But there is another way of life possible—where we allow the Holy Spirit to ‘use’ us.

This way of living is only going to happen when we give Him leadership of our lives.

  • When we so value His Presence with us, and the relationship that we have with Him, that we cannot bear for anything to come between us.
  • When we are listening, ready for the sound of His voice
  • When we have so become attuned to Him as a Person—to His desires and what grieves and pleases Him…

…that we will respond accordingly [2].

The Fellowship of the Spirit

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you. (2 Cor 13:14)

The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity—God living in and with us.

He is not merely an impersonal power. The New Testament reveals the Spirit to be a Person with will, mind and emotions.

As well as empowering us, the Holy Spirit communicates and fellowship with us. He guides, teaches, helps, assures and comforts us. [3]

The Holy Spirit is God up close and personal.

The Ungrieved Presence of the Holy Spirit

And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. (Eph 4:30)

Many years ago I read the story of a Chinese scholar-turned-pastor called Hsi [4].  It made a lasting impression upon me.

Pastor Hsi ministered deliverance to a troubled young man called K’ong at a conference.

A missionary who saw Hsi minister in the power of the Spirit pressed a large sum of money into his hands, as a gift towards his ministry.

Hsi received the cash without praying as to whether or not he should accept it. Immediately he felt uncomfortable.

As he went to pray about the matter, Hsi heard cries as the demonised man became uncontrollable once more.

No longer fearing Hsi, the demons in K’ong taunted him, saying ‘You have no power to control me any more.’

Realising that his soul’s response to the money had affected his ability to minister in the Spirit, Hsi went to the donor and returned the cash. He confessed that the sudden possession of a large sum of money had ‘come between his soul and God.’

Immediately he went to where K’ong was causing the commotion and quietly commanded the demons to be quiet and leave—with immediate and effective results.

Pastor Hsi later summed up this painful lesson with the words,

‘The ungrieved presence of the Holy Spirit is more to be desired than abundance of gold and silver.’

How To Have An Intimate Relationship With The Holy Spirit

Or do you suppose that the Scripture is speaking to no purpose that says, The Spirit Whom He has caused to dwell in us yearns over us and He yearns for the Spirit [to be welcome] with a jealous love? (James 4:5, AMP)

I want to have the kind of relationship with the Holy Spirit that Kathryn Kuhlman experienced—and that Hsi valued.

If this kind of relationship with the One who is God present with you, the Holy Spirit, is what you want, here are some steps to help you move closer to Him:

1. Realise that such a relationship—fellowship with the Holy Spirit—is possible

2. Hunger and thirst for intimacy with Him

3. Learn all you can about the Holy Spirit. Study His role, purpose, names, likes and dislikes from Scripture

4. Pray—ask to know Him more and for Him to fill you

5. Make a decision to go deeper in your relationship with God—to be more available to Him

6. Allow God to put His finger on anything in your life that displeases the Holy Spirit—and deal with it

He anointed us, set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come. (2 Cor 1:21)

When I stand before the Father on that Day, He may ask me,

‘What did you do with what I entrusted to you—your gifts and talents, your time, opportunities, relationships, and call?

But there is another question He may ask that is currently challenging me:

‘What did you do with the One I sent you?’

If you can identify with having a hunger for intimacy with the Holy Spirit, or if you have any thoughts or experiences to share on this topic, I would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below. If the comments section is not visible, click on this link and scroll down.


[1] A Glimpse Into Glory, by Kathryn Kuhlman with Jamie Buckingham

[2] Recommended Reading: Romans 8

[3] Recommended Reading: John chapters 14-16

[4] One of China’s Scholars, by Howard Taylor

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171 thoughts on “How You Can Have An Intimate Relationship With The Holy Spirit

    • I have been advised by Christian friends to seek the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
      And I would like help and guidance as to how best I can do this.
      I have recently survived a heart attack, 5 months ago, during that time others I know have been called home, I believe God has a purpose for me and am determined to find it.
      I’ve been a Christian for nearly 50 years but am determined to walk in God’s way but would like help and direction.

      • The answer is seeking to Know Him and Love Him with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your physical strength, as in seeking to fulfill and obey the Greatest Commandment. He will come to you and invite you into His Secret Place if you search for Him with all your heart and get lovesick for Him. When you know and experience His love this way, you can then love others as you yourself are viewed and loved by God, which fulfills the second greatest commandment.

      • Hi Eric, desire and having a hunger is the best place to start, but I think I’m hearing you ask, what are some practical ways to do this? What does it look like?
        You are seeking increased sensitivity to Him as a person, this means developing your ability to hear His voice, and to respond to Him. Sense His nearness, know what is on his heart.
        Be open to the many different ways that He speaks, find the special times and places that you best connect with God. Develop sensitivity by journaling or finding another way to record what He may be saying to you. You are right, God does have a purpose for your life and the highest one is relationship with Him. You have a wonderful opportunity to be an example of a man walking with God. Be powerfully blessed in the journey and feel free to leave any questions here.

        • Hi Helen,
          You seem to have been able to read between the lines and understand what I’m trying to say, I’m quite a tactile/practical person and that may be why I struggle a bit with the Holy Spirit. Also in my early years I was brought up in the Brethren where the Holy Spirit was not talked about much. I believe in Him! I believe He is in me! I am totally committed to the trinity. When I think of God I can conjure a picture of an awesome, might God on His throne, I can easily picture Jesus sitting talking to his 12 friends and the various people we hear about in the bible, but I can’t seem to get a picture of the Holy Spirit and that is what makes it hard to have fellowship with Him.
          When I prepare a talk for church I can feel God (Holy Spirit) suggest to me the way the talk should go and what I should say but I tend to feel this is God speaking to me not the Holy Spirit. I have made a conscious decision that I will make myself available for whatever God has in store for me, by whatever method He wants to use to give it to me. I want to get rid of all the prejudices that I have build up over the years, (to know Him and the power of His resurrection).
          I’ve gone into a bit of a ramble as I do sometimes, my enthusiasm takes over. Thanks again for your help and for taking the time to reply to me.
          God bless

          • Hi Eric, thank you for leaving your thoughts, I really appreciate it. In fact, it has set off a whole morning today of thoughts and prayer regarding developing intimacy with the Holy Spirit – from the practical viewpoint. I will certainly be sharing more on the blog on this topic in the near future.
            The Bible shares the basis for relating to the Holy Spirit, and especially relating to Him in His role – you reminded me of this article I wrote a while back which you may find helpful in this regard:

  1. what i have experienced is this,when I am intimacy with the holy spirit there are some certain things I wouldn’t do,not that i can’t do it but not allowed to do it by the holy spirit.Even when am chatting with friends,spending more time ,i do hear him telling me to log out and go and pray.I am not wearing ear ring,weavon etc not that i dont like it but its a warning from holyspirit.Though i want to be more deep.

    • Hi Jamal, I think it is always great to hunger for more of God, His manifestations and gifts. But highest and best to hunger for the Person of the Spirit Himself, however He chooses to manifest, even His still small voice will delight our hearts.

  2. The last part you said seems true. About how we will give account to God for what we did and also about what we did with Him personally. I never looked at it like that and this is more of a revelation from Matthew 7: 22-23. Thanks.


  3. Whenever i fast and pray my body is always very hot like as if my body is burning with hot fire, i want to know is that sign of the anointing, whenever i feel like that i just feel like laying hands on the sick. please reply!

    • Hi Chukwudi, whilst I understand that a sensation of heat is certainly one sign of God’s anointing, the real proof is in the fruit (outcome) – are people being touched and healed when you pray for them?

  4. Hi Helen.
    A Christian friend gave us all in the group a sum of cash each after talking to us about stewardship (the parable of the talents). He challenged us to take the money and steward it for a month. Some will make more money, some won’t I guess. I see his heart is pure in the matter and the money will be put into the kingdom. I just felt uneasy about receiving it. Now I can’t sleep and my mind is on how I can multiply it – to please him, to please God, not failing – letting him down etc etc. My peace Has gone and I’m wondering if I just need to have more of a revelation of grace and favour – then this whole task would not be affecting me in this way. Should I just give the money back? Any wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks and bless you for this blog.

    • Hi Janine, my personal thoughts are that you are right in releasing the money back to him, explain how you are feeling, doing it in a humble and honouring manner (and privately) is the best way to go as you want to protect your friendship and the group. Hope that helps, praying for you to have wisdom as you do.

      • You can pray and ask Holy Spirit what to do with it. I don’t think you could ever go wrong giving to Jews For Jesus or Chosen People, so you are giving and blessing the Jews, giving to the poor, which the Lord said to do, maybe St. JUDES Hospital for children. Jesus said of such as the these is the Kingdom of Heaven. Or remembering a widow. Just my suggestions.

        • Good idea, Mary Ann! Not sure if that’s what the person giving the instruction had in mind, but you can’t go wrong being open to the Holy Spirit to make a donation somewhere where Godly people will put the money to work to help others :-)

      • I think what I’m hearing from Janine (and I would feel the same way) is that the person who gave the money out placed them under obligation to take actions to do something, that whilst well meant, are not the right thing for her. The best approach would have been to get members of the group to volunteer if they would like to participate.

        • Sorry – I meant challenged and encouraged – we could choose and volunteer to participate or not. I should have not accepted
          It in the first place. It was a lesson in hearing the Spirit and obeying not to take it and not trying to please man for me.

          • Yes I see what you mean now Janine. I love your heart and sensitivity to get on track with this. Be richly blessed in your journey of intimacy with the Spirit :-)

  5. I have longing to learn more about the holy spirit. I want to be filled with the holy spirit. Thanks

  6. Relationship with the Holy Spirit is very important.
    You can start by choosing a covenant time with God. Choose a time everyday when you must be in the presence of God to study the word of God. It must at the exact time everyday.
    when you start tell God that you have come to his presence, ask him to feed you at his table and teach you by himself. After 30 mins to one hour or more according to how the spirit leads you then stop and say thank you Jesus. During your sleep the Lord will give you revelations and the Holy spirit will assist you to interpret if you ask him. God bless you.

  7. Yesterday I prayed n it was soo different the way I used to pray…before praying yesterday I was keep thinkin about the baptism of holy spirit n it keep comin to me the thoughts about holy spirit..soo in the evening i felt this strong urge to pray and I was on my knees praying n after smtime I was started praying in tongues….which never happen before I was connected to God….n I keep wana pray in tongues…..but yesterday smthin happend which I nvr wana do which made my spirit soo sad…I don wana grieve holy spirit…I dunno what to do…I wana be with god holy spirit..i don wana loose him…

    • Hi Noah, God is gracious and forgiving when we confess our sins and mistakes to Him – and we can freely enter back into fellowship with His Holy Spirit. Having a leader or mentor to share struggles and mistakes with is a good idea, too, it keeps us walking in the light (Eph 5)

  8. Hi excellent subject I started doing this .So true if we only surrender to him The Holy Spirit, will be manisfested in the church and nt mam.Greater our surrendered greater will Christ manisfested through the church.
    Yours faithfully
    Sean pillay [South Africa)

  9. Without my wonderful friend, my helper, my comforter, my encourager, my director, my coach I will not be able to cope in this world. I am so dependant on Him. Although I never intend to hurt my friend intentionally, I know I grieve Him at times and fail Him many times. However, when I turn to Him on the inside of me, He will be there waiting for me. God’s word promises He will never leave me, nor forsake me. Halleluja

  10. Hi Helen,

    The past 2 weeks have been overwhelmingto me since I started engaging the Holy Spirit in my prayer.hv been asking Him to engage with me n seeking Him through scriture and suddenly one day wolla He appered during prayer.What a feeling I experienced that day,sudden tears welling down,running nose,feeling of hotness thoughout body,hands,feet, day my daughter had severe period pains and Spirit said pray for her n she was heales wheras before she used to miss 2 days of school because of that.How wonderful and mighty God is.

  11. I have the decerning of the Spirit….really would like to be more in tune to it…..while God is revealing Him to me…..Don’t want to despise what He has for me to do….?

  12. I have enjoyed reading yourblogs. They speak with clarity and sincerity. Do you have any blogs on “gateways to the Holy Spirit”. I am aware of the triune in man and the various “gates” in each of us. Hopefully you can help. Blessings.

  13. Holy Spirit is right there. Just acknowledge Him. Talk to Him. If you have been born of the Spirit, He dwells in your spirit. He reads and sees through your eyes. He uses your body as His own. Just begin to get spiritual hunger. Seek Him. He promised He would be found if you if you seek for Him with all of your heart.

  14. I am so glad to have found this blog and have been given confirmation of being an intercessor God. I had those visitations as a child. I believe it was developed in me by my fathers’ sister. I had a vision of her holding my hand and we walked into the light. I also thought I was with her when she had a stroke, I saw what happened and many years later, my mother said I wasn’t with her. So now I realize I saw it before it happened. My daughter who is eighteen has this gift also. I finally realize I need to yield. Thanks for being obedient so we all can yield.

    • That is very special, Tomeika, may you continue to flourish and grow in the spiritual gift and calling of intercession. :-)

      • Hello,
        I just saw the comment I left, it looks like I said intercessor God. I am sorry, it should be a intercessor for God. Thanks again for your site.

  15. Thanks for the opportunity to learn how to be intimate with the Holy spirit. ..I also want my girlfriend to have this opportunity. What can I do?

    • Hi Denis,
      It’s something she must want for herself, but 2 things you can do are: continue to be hungry for God yourself, and pray for her.

  16. Hi. I’m Jessa from Philippines, I learned alot from all the articles that you post in your website And I am hunger to know God and have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. If possible would you give me a resources (Books, website etc) that I can really use. I also want the book about Deliverance that you post in that article but due to finacial problem I am unable to buy that book. I know in myself that God gave me such gift and I really don’t know how to handle and to deal with it properly. Thank you so much. God bless your minitry

    • Hi Jessa,
      I’m glad you have been able to connect with Enliven Blog! Most of the material on discernment and intimacy with the Holy Spirit is contained in articles, the trick is to use the category button, or the search box, to find what you need. We do listen to anyone who has a financial need, use the contact form to send a message to explain what material you would like, and why.
      Believing with you for release of finances and provision, Jessa, and that you will know the sweetness of intimacy with the Holy Spirit and the fullness of His joy overflowing in your life.

  17. I am greatly drawn to the message up there. God bless you for this. I wish and am striving in grace to reach this relationship and keep it. He is Very important and I need Him more.

  18. I have some gentle advice that might help in starting this kind of relationship with the Holy Spirit. Go to and watch every single video and listen to every single audio file from Kathryn Kuhlman. Search the internet for transcripts of the “heart to heart talks” from her radio show. Watch as many episodes as possible from her TV show “I Believe in Miracles”. Pay extremely close attention to personal remarks she makes about her private relationship with the Holy Spirit, and the miracles that came through her ministry. Listen to what she says several times and let it really sink in. Meditate on this kind of relationship, and very humbly, very quietly, very gently, very respectfully, very clearly open your heart to Jesus about this matter in prayer. The way to a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit is through the worship and glorification of Jesus, as the Holy Spirit will always glorify and magnify Jesus in everything He does. Pray without ceasing for the perfect will of God to be manifested in your life, no matter what it may be–in perfect faith and in perfect love. Without ceasing means… without ceasing. Kathryn Kulhman repeatedly said, “He doesn’t need silver vessels. He doesn’t need golden vessels. He needs only YIELDED vessels.” Pray for God to humble you for service. Mean what you say and say what you mean. There is only one true reason for an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. The reason is SERVICE. That SERVICE could be anything and everything. Always remember that the Holy Spirit will never contradict the Word of God in any manner whatsoever, and the “key” to the Holy Spirit lies through the worship and glorification of Jesus. I love you all so very much my friends. As the Spirit of God leads you, there you must follow. May you thrive in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    • Thank you so very much for that comment. I have been listening to her and Sturgeon. This is a wealth of knowledge, and a wonderful joy to be on this road with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit. When I yield myself, I have such great fellowship, and I do get off task at times. But i get back to Jesus, and my gift is to sing and exhort. My confidence in the Trinity helps me so much. I am working on staying on task. I need my relationship with my husband to grow. God bless you all….

  19. thanks for this write up. it has really brought a great insight about the holy spirit. i yearn to know him more. i really want to hear him and commune with him.
    i have really not given him much of my time I most time only remember him when I want to call “holy ghost fire” during prayers. thank GOD for the holy spirit.

    • Get an insatiable hunger and unquenchable thirst for Him. Seek Him. Draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. Get to know Him for His, Character His awesome Person. Fall in Love with Him.

    • Hi Asogun, I suggest you get an insatiable hunger, thirst, longing, yearning, desire, for Holy Spirit, to the point of being LOVESICK for Him. He will come to you if you search for Him with all your heart. When you read your Bible, see God as benevolent, kind, good, loving, Husband. From that perspective read the Word out loud and get to know Him in His Character. He is LOVE. Everything He does with us is motivated by His intense LOVE and He cannot change His LOVE or who He is. Then you will get more desire and Fall in Love with Him. Having an insatiable Spiritual Hunger is the KEY to His Heart.

    • Jesus went to the Father. His Redemption work is finished. He sent Holy Spirit, the same Holy HE had to the degree He had Him to us. He is “Another One just like Me,” when He said He would send “Another Comforter” to be with us forever. It is He, Holy Spirit that we should be acknowledging, Not discounting what all Jesus did for us. His Hebrew Name is Ruach ha Kodesh. Begin talking to Him. Acknowledge Him. You still pray to the Father in Jesus Name, but you can talk to Holy Spirit any time. Get a huge hunger for Him. Long, yearn, desire for Him. Watch what happens.

  20. First I will like to say thank you for this inspiring topic on the the Person of the Holy spirit. I am a born again Christian, I have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I got into a prayer/ prophetic group in which we had to pray for the gift of prophecy. We treated the Acts of the Apostles, we asked for the fresh infilling of the holy spirit and we prayed for power and all other manners of prayer to develop the gift. I must confess I was having a time of my life as I was loving being in the presence of the Lord and the joy that I was going to become a prophetess of God after the training, I was doing this with ernest expectations to grow in the things of God and did this with my whole heart. On one occasion the presence of God came down and every one was given different gifts, I believe I received the gift of prophecy as the power that came over me was beyond description, it flowed from deep inside my belly, it was overpowering and I prophesied in tongue but didn’t know all I was saying but I knew that the spirit of God possessed my tongue and my lips and did not let go until He was finished with the messages. Susbsequently, the holy spirit will come to me when I pray individually, and minister unto me even sometimes when I am not praying. However I lacked experience and understanding, I didn’t realise that I needed to work towards developing this gift, the prayer group has long dismembered, and I did not and do not have a mentor. I am praying towards a mentor at the moment so as to develop. It is this search for personal development that has led me to this blog. Another thing is that I am so full of different challenges in my personal life that are preventing me from spending quality time in the presence of the Lord therefore, I have not been receiving that many communication and communion with the holy spirit as I used to. I do know notwithstanding all I am going through that the gift of God is without repentance, I am praying for the holy spirit to give me fresh insight, anointing, inspiration and to lead me in all aspects of my living and to direct my path. I know there is nothing that I can do with and in my own power. I am just trusting God as the author and the finisher of my faith.

    • Hi Patience, Holy Spirit is the giver of all gifts. I recommend that you get an insatiable hunger, thirst, longing, yearning, desire to the point of being LOVESICK for Him and not the gifts. Let your focus be on Him and Loving Him.

    • Hi Patience, may God answer your heart’s cry for increased hunger for Him. In our spiritual life there are seasons and ebbs and flows. In times of busyness and challenge as you stay open He will break through and minister intimately to you, the Holy Spirit is always at work drawing us closer.

  21. I am marie, I was in a desperate situation last year, as a catholic I always seek God and I never give up Hope and Faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. So I have been praying in agony and grieving, when I went to church I couldn’t pray, I just sat and be present with my burden heart and my sorrow constantly in my mind, tears just roll down my cheeks and my throat in pain couldn’t ev3en read any prayer. Without knowing that a woman behind me, could noticing me in such pain, came and sat next to me and hug me during the mass. God has sent her, God knows my sorrow. After 28 days I dreamt the sky( beautiful day0, and the white dove came on my left arm and as it He was sent to take fear, sorrow and the pain in my heart away. The way He looked at me, has transformed me with recomfort, hope, want to tell me that God has heard my prayer and be patient, He will bring Glory to me, The Lord Jesus Christ, has heard my prayer and He will answer my prayer. Since that awesome dream I was at an eternal peace until I got what I wanted for 6 years and 10 months has finally come to me graciously, in a miracle divine way. I will never forget that dream, I am happy now that I was in such stressful situation, the conclusion is that I have experienced God presence in my life, it is so beautiful and powerful that I don’t mind being in such stressful time. I will never forget that dream, for me it represent a Holy Gift, a beautiful gift from God. Never give up Hope and Never abandon your Faith and Love for God. Open your heart to Him and He will judge you upon Love that you have for Him. You will be judged on how far you have gone and done to show Him that you are thirsty for His reply for your prayer. Listen to your heart when it tells you to go somewhere even take a long journey to assist a mass where you believe miracles will happen with such Faith. I love you My Lord and My Saviour, Great is Your Name and your Grace.

  22. I do identify with a hunger for intimacy with the Holy Spirit, but I have been clumsy in my ways with Him. I need mercy and help.

    • Hi Favour, His mercy and help is abundant towards you. Receive His grace and continue moving forward, He loves you.

  23. Hi.
    I came across your article cause I am hungry for the intimacy with the Holy Spirit. I really am inspired. I really want to Him and fellowship with Him. I agree with you that they are thousands of people who talk about the Holy Spirit without knowing Him. Some know His gifts but do not know. we need to awaken to this truth.

  24. Praise Jesus, am grateful to God for you because God is using you help believers like me who want to know and have intimacy with the Holy spirit. God bless you I want to learn more of the holy spirit .

    • Hello Michael, it is great to hear of your hunger for God. May you continue to grow closer to Him and in intimacy with the Holy Spirit!

  25. There was a time, HOLY SPIRIT woke me up to pray but I did not. During the day I could not work, I was just sobbing that I let HIM down. I went back home and prayed and cried, i cried for 2 days, I was sobbing, I was hurt that I hurt HIM. I guess HE was grieving, I never wanted that to happen again.


    • Hi Bernadette, I believe there are occasional times when God allows us to grieve for missing Him. It’s also very important to be able to receive His grace and release the burden as well. Thank you for sharing…how precious is the Holy Spirit and His Presence with us.

  26. God bless you Helen,i am 18,and got Jesus 2 years ago.I wanna have such a great hunger for more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.I believe i am bapitized with the holy spirit,i speak in toungs.

    But i have a problem.i think i grive Him in that i dont properly respond to him.please pray for me that i would be alert to Him.i want to be more close to Him,feel Him, hear Him,be in His immense Presence all the way i go,….pray for me and update me on my email on this subject (i have subscribed on this site)

    God bless you.May you be a glorious vessel for the Holy Spirit.May he flow out of you and be blessing to every thing you touch.

    • Hello Hohehat, and thank you for the beautiful blessing…yes I pray that you will know and respond to Him with greater clarity. Don’t forget the wonderful grace we have through Jesus – if you miss a moment with the Holy Spirit, His grace can bring you back on track in the Spirit’s Presence in the instant you become aware of that. Don’t worry about grieving Him, just be sensitive to loving Him, and the rest will happen naturally.

  27. This has soo interesting iam well educated i used to pray amiss before, thanx! iam a Sunday school teacher in Zambia because of the need for the holy spirit in each person i have formed a ministry called TRINITY MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL, i believe in executing all the plans to the world through kids, if you would love to partiner with me, you can request for the profile i send so that we do the lords work together…

  28. Thanks very much for the insight. I’m Aaron from Ghana and it my wish to have an intimacy with the Holy Spirit but I’m kind of falling short in so many things so I always don’t feel his presence or don’t know how is presence feels like.
    Can you please guide me so that I will get into a deeper relationship with my creator God Almighty?

    • Aaron jst that step u have taken is good enough to grant you what u desire, Put into total consideration the points below :
      Then holy spirit. has never refused. any one his presence if asked so ask for him in PRAYER.
      Listen to sermons and music talking about him.
      When jesus was going in heaven he said tally in the city until i send u the the HELPER (holyspirit) meaning we need him in all our daily lives.Acknowledge this fact.
      Hunger and thirsty for him.

    • Hi Aaron, it’s a good thing to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit. The first thing is to ask/pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, this comes with the gift of speaking in tongue. As you pray daily, pray in tongue for a considerable amount of time. Ask the holy Spirit to fill you afresh every day and to take the lead, tell Him your heart desires and above all tell Him to minister unto you, in no time He will start visiting you. Through these visits, you communication will deepen and become effortless. The spirit of the living God will quicken you in the name of Jesus. Amen.

  29. I was sleeping with my fan on one day , than I had a dream that a violent wind came upon me from the fan than I woke up , went back to sleep and it happened again , I feel as though I got a filling of the Holy Spirit
    Any one experience something like this before?
    Or am I reading too much into it

  30. Hi I’m 20 I’m a Nigerian. I crave to love God everyday.
    Last year I was tired of living life I was frustrated because as a christian I never thought I had my own testimony abt Jesus until I asked him and He began to show me the things He had done for me. I descided to b speaking to him a as a brother I’ll greet Him ask him to share my food with me nt as a routine bt as a true friend. I began hearing His voice though somtimes I thought my mind ws playing tricks on me until I asked Him to show me a sign by making sing in tongues during worship in service and He did since then I hear Him more clearly I see Him in my dreams and I’m craving to see Him face to face. I think having a quiet time, meditating, thinking of Him as a person will, worshiping Him will make you hear Him clearly.

    • Hi, Nigerian. Sorry, I don’t know your name. I would like to share a few tips. Jesus is in Heaven. His redemptive work on earth is finished. He comes to earth on spiritual emergencies, and Divine appointments. Holy Spirit is who He sent to be with us and in us. It is Holy Spirit you need to acknowledge. You don’t pray to Him but you can talk to Him about anything. You have spiritual hunger but you need an insatiable hunger. You need to seek to fall in love with Holy Spirit. Deuteronomy 6:5 is greatest, commandment. Loving Him with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength. Fellowship with Him. Desire Him. Yearn for Him. Long for Him. Let Him be your all in all. Ask Him to show you how to express your Love to Him. He will do it. Also, start reading your Bible OUTLOUD. Jesus is the Word made flesh and felt among us. When we read the Word OUTLOUD, something phenomenal happens. We as flesh, as you hear it, we spiritually become one with it. You hear it. It goes into you. Your mind is renewed and your soul is transformed. I hope this helps. Keep up the spiritual hunger. Don’t let it lag.

  31. I passionately desire to know this awesome friend even more deeply. I am constantly reminded of how often I fall short of His desire and my desire to becoming united in a river of life which will flow through our communion with each other to a world which thirsts and hungers for this presence. I surrender to Him and declare my love for Him.

    • Getting and retaining an insatiable , lovesick, spiritual hunger for Him is key. Spiritual hunger is the KEY to the Secret of the heart of God.

      • Hello Mary Ann,
        Congratulations on the publishing of your book. I know how it feels to get a message you are passionate about into the world – very exciting!
        As I haven’t read the book myself and am unable to endorse the message, I have removed the link. However, I do allow people to link to blogs and websites (unless I’m uncomfortable with them) – just not direct marketing of their own products.
        Having said that, I love your participation in our conversations here and your love for Holy Spirit. Bless you.

    • Hi Mark, I say amen and amen. You express your hunger so powerfully – may you continue to be filled and have encounters with the Holy Spirit that take you ‘from glory to glory’ in His Presence!